Christopher Jones (Teacher)


About: Chris is a teacher of Meditation and his class “Meditation for Professionals” and “Introduction to Meditation” have been taught in Westchester and on Governor’s Island in New York City. Chris has taught young children to senior citizens and his practical and fun approach to meditation makes it accessible to everyone even the most fidgety of people.

Chris instructs on the practicality and usefulness of meditation and how it can apply to your work, to help you find your creative center, athletic peak performance, and make better decisions to help you in all areas of your work, play, and relationships.

Chris uses the concept of self-compassion to show how you can stop the inner critical voices that sabotage our happiness and well-being. Chris has several videos on the practical uses of meditation on his website

What excites Chris most about teaching meditation is how people trying meditation for the first time can experience an almost immediate change in anxiety, fears, and stress in two minutes or less.

In addition to Chris’ Business and Martial Arts endeavors, he is also a writer and has written a full-length play, a children’s story and he is currently working on a TV pilot. 

Contact Chris for more information about his meditation classes and consider participating in one of his online classes.