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Rama Meditation Society (RMS) is an electronic tribe of seekers who live for spiritual experience and illumination. Within these pages, you will find the teachings of an enlightened American Buddhist teacher, Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz.

The site also offers numerous ways of exploring, experiencing, learning and sharing higher spiritual awareness.

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What's New

  • Zazen music downloads are now in high-quality M4A format!
  • New Documentary Film about Rama - Signs of a Rebel Buddha
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Featured Resources

Surfing the Himalayas book front cover

Surfing the Himalayas

Charged with energy, humor and insight, Surfing the Himalayas is the fast-paced story of a young American snowboarder who travels to the Himalayas seeking the ultimate high. While there he surfs into an experience more transcendent than he could have ever imagined. In an accident of karmic fate, the young man plows into Master Fwap, a Buddhist monk who becomes his teacher of snowboarding and enlightenment.

Insights - Tantric Buddhist Reflections on Life

Rama's book of poems that immerses you in the magical, cosmic, poignant, radiant, courageous, and silly world of Tantric Buddhism, also known as the fast path to enlightenment. New edition in September 2019, with original cover available for a limited time only!

Signs of a Rebel Buddha - Documentary Film

"Signs of a Rebel Buddha" examines the teachings of unconventional spiritual masters and uses the teachings and life of Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz - as an example. It weaves in images of Rama and Zazen music throughout.

Recent Blog Posts

(by RMS) ‘Signs of a Rebel Buddha’ is a video essay that deals with unconventional Buddhist teachers and their significance to the development of American or Western Buddhism.

(by RMS) From March 2015 to June 2020, we hosted meditations and discussions on all talks in Rama's talk series.  Our experience is that by re-listening and studying these materials from time to time, we understand more deeply the wisdom Rama has shared with us.  Also, when we read a talk at the


(by RMS) We are pleased to share virtual and online classes, meditations and gatherings from our friends. During these turbulent times, our sangha is reaching out with these wonderful offerings.