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Power is the active force in life. It is the force that makes awareness. The general term for spiritual power is kundalini. You can gain power by avoiding certain things. You can gain power by doing certain things. You can gain much more power by meditating.

In meditation, we make our minds quiet by learning to focus on the chakras to release the kundalini and bring ourselves into higher states of consciousness. To develop personal power, it is recommended that you spend some time in your meditative practice focusing on the third chakra, the navel center.

You can measure your level of power by your ability to stop thought. The longer you can stop thought, the more powerful you are.

It is necessary to do a systems analysis of your life and to look at where you gain and lose power. The places you live, the thoughts you think, the people you associate with, all have an impact on your level of personal power.

One way to gain power is by making journeys to places of power. If you meditate in a place of power you can have very deep and profound experiences.

Everything that we do involves energy/power. The more energy we have, the more we can accomplish. Winning is based to a certain extent upon personal power. If you have enough personal power you tend to win. If you don’t, you tend to lose.

The vast majority of beings who incarnate on this planet are at the stage of their evolution where power is the dominant theme of their lives. That is why we live in a world where there are so many wars and so much destruction. This is an arena of power.

Power is one of the things that you have to learn to deal with effectively before you can reach enlightenment. There is grace and ease to power when you have it. You feel good about yourself and your life. It is well worth having.

A person with power uses their will to control their life and their destiny. Their moments are aware moments in this world, never wasted.  Power makes us what we are: perceivers, luminous perceivers of reality.

American Buddhist Teachings by Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

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