Learn Meditation from Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz


Meditation is the process of silencing our thoughts. When we meditate, we are simply letting go and allowing ourselves to dissolve back into that which we really are.

The practice of meditation is emptying the mind. When the mind is empty, completely empty, that is perfect meditation.

Meditation is a bright, hopeful practice in which we learn to make our minds quiet so that the infinite, perfect light of enlightenment can flow through us.  When we meditate, we get in touch with the deepest part of ourselves.  Beyond the world of thought and sensorial impressions, there are planes and dimensions of perfect light, knowledge, and radiant perfection.

Meditation is a process of moving our awareness from this world – from the awareness of time and space – into eternity and eternal dimensions.

Meditation is about being still, being centered, being clear, being happy, and being organically in touch with the universal light. Meditation is about developing parts of ourselves that are unknown to most people, very powerful parts, very beautiful parts, very strong parts.

For years we practice meditation, like any art, and we get better at it each day.  When we meditate we are accessing eternity.  We are plugging ourselves into the source of light, beauty, and perfection.

Many meditation practices are outlined in Rama’s dharma talks available for free download on this site.

Meditation & Mindfulness Practice

Meditation music

For a selection of free meditation music created by Rama and his band Zazen, click here.  When you meditate with this music, listen to the stillness between the notes. 


Mindfulness is when we are engaged in activities but the mind is set into a meditative state.