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Mindfulness with Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

sandpiper_mindfulness_183x372.png The Buddhist practice of mindfulness is monitoring your mind all day and all night. Mindfulness is when you are engaged in activities but the mind is set into a meditative state. Practicing mindfulness is as important as practicing meditation.

Mindfulness means spending time all day and night monitoring your thoughts, constantly and keeping them in a high plateau. Practicing mindfulness is learning to control thought.

Rama's Book, How to Meditate provides a full range of meditation and mindfulness techniques to deepen your practice.

Thoughts are powerful vehicles of attention. Our thoughts are the harness of power. It is necessary to think positive thoughts, not just wait for them to occur, but to introduce them. In Buddhism we are encouraged to only think positive thoughts about ourselves and our endeavors, and to think well of the endeavors of others.

If you can't hold a person in your mind with a good thought, it is better not to think about them at all. When you find yourself dwelling on something negative, consciously use your willpower to move your mind into the flow of something positive.

In Buddhism we feel that our outer actions are a reflection of our inner state. We put our will into perfecting our daily life and into monitoring our thoughts. If you are mindful in your work, if you put your best effort into it, then something comes back to you. Mindfulness is the ability to do physical things in a harmonious way; it is a way to remain centered in the physical world.

Mindfulness is to be here now, in the moment. Think about what is in front of you, if you must think. Stop worrying about tomorrow. Stop thinking about yesterday. Focus on this moment.

Look at beauty. Not just the beauty of things you see with your eyes, but beautiful feelings, beautiful awareness. Look at how beautiful life is, and just keep looking until you see it. 

Unhook from your thoughts and all the busy things you are doing. Look at life. This is mindfulness. Focus on this moment. Hold your hand and see what it feels like. Go look at some grass. Talk to a palm tree. Outrun a Ferrari. Experience life.

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