Preparing for a Power Trip

Power Spot

(by E.P.) Rama taught us ways to prepare for a Power Trip.

The basic principle is first to recognize that you are so much more than you think you are. Leaving your surroundings and engaging in intense meditation in a place of power will change you. It will expand your consciousness and your point of view (or your points of views on a number of subjects). Since your being will go through transformations, it is important to be kind and respectful to whom you will become.

You will be welcoming back a new you, a happier and lighter being. For this transition to happen effectively, you need to leave your affairs in order (as much as possible). Clean your physical surroundings (your room, your car, etc.) to be ready to receive the new person who will return. Leave your finances, work and relationships in good order. Mentally anticipate which affairs to address before departing.

You leave things in order so that your mind is not preoccupied or tense. You want to be fully open to the teachings of the spirit and to the awakenings of your being. You want to be in the here and now at every moment and so your mind will not go to something you left unfinished.

Also follow the suggestions of your trip leader as to the logistics of the trip itself.

Sometimes during power trips there will be unexpected circumstances and your reaction to these circumstances will be teachings in themselves.

The teachings of being an impeccable warrior ready to die at any moment (per books of Carlos Castaneda), come to mind. All your actions are taken with full awareness, realizing that you may depart at any moment, so we bring the best of ourselves to ourselves and to others. As human beings, our minds perceive continuity generally tied to our physical body and its duration.

In order to integrate and accept more light and to really make the changes necessary, you need to be open to accept and integrate the teachings of the new you. Enlightenment is already within us. Power trips remind us of our true nature, reenergizing who we are with purpose and clarity. We can then move forward with this clarity and return to our lives as new light-filled beings, with more purpose and meaning.