Folding the Mind Book

Jeff Cohodas (long-time student of Rama) has published a new book Folding The Mind: Unique Discoveries We All Can Make Into Deeper Reality Naturally

Folding the mind is something totally unexpected and beyond our control, but it becomes increasingly more possible as we continue to make incremental steps every moment in our lives, twenty-four hours a day. Self-effort is key as well as a modicum of grace that we might come across in our adventure of life. As mentioned in this book, just ride that wave of infinite awareness and keep on getting back on your board when falling off of it.

There are many approaches to self-discovery and the author is a big proponent of direct experience, where we find out for ourselves what-is-what in regard to reality. The author has experienced many years of a fantastic type of connection to the unusual teacher, Dr. Frederick Lenz (Rama), which continues to this day. Rama was highly pivotal in his gaining a very deep experience and understanding of deep aspects of our vast inner nature. Primarily, the book discusses his interpretation of what was learned by many interactions with Rama in powerful settings, as well as with other teachers and types of knowledge.

“Folding The Mind” is available in either the hardcover, paperback or kindle version on Folding The Mind – Link To Amazon Page

We hope you enjoy it and gain insights which you can share with your friends.