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Overcoming Stress

“Why does a person experience stress?   Stress occurs because that which is within you — which is light, intelligence, energy — wants to do certain things and doesn’t want to do other things.  And that changes.  Stress is a result of the fact that you’re out of tune with your life and your inner…

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In Buddhism, we seek that which is ineffable – that which cannot be seen with the eyes or felt with the hands. We seek to find the still center in the middle of all the turning worlds, simply because we like that, we know that’s where we belong. Buddhism is talk 11 of 27 in…

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“What’s interesting about reincarnation, from the point of view of the more advanced soul, is how the process works.   Where am I?  What are my possibilities?   Is there some way that I can know this system better so that I can gain more out of it?   That’s the perspective of the more…