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Yoga of Discrimination

“There are four major paths to self-realization.  Of the four, jnana yoga, from the point of view of the beginner, is the most difficult.  Jnana yoga is the graduate school of self-discovery.  Ordinarily in spiritual practice, one begins by practicing bhakti, the path of love.  The path of love leads to the path of self-giving….

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Tantric Mysticism

“Everything is one. There’s only one eternal reality.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Talk 28 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series. Download all talks in this series (Free MP3 audio)

Concepts like time and space are redefined:  “Time is not a movement in space. Space is a movement in time,“ says Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Images in our lives are snapshots, stills in a movie, and always exist.  We move through these perfectly still images and create a sense of motion like a cartoon….

“Tantra is not for hedonists; it is not sexual yoga.” “Tantra is for sincere seekers who have self-control and a pure heart, and who are deeply dedicated to their practice, but who have become trapped in their spirituality. “All paths exist within Tantra, but one thing differs from the usual approach — there is nothing…

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Dharma & Karma

“Dharma is the path that is in alignment with what’s right.”   “Most people think of karma in physical terms, as circular cause and effect, but karma is not someone keeping records to make sure that whatever actions you take, you will experience the same later on in another life.  Instead, karma has to do…

“Today I’d like to talk with you about some of the different types of beings that you as a spiritual seeker will encounter on your journey to enlightenment…” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Talk 24 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series. Download all talks in this series (Free MP3 audio)

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“This world, this earth, the people upon it, the ages that have passed, the stars, the moon — the experiences that each one of us has — our loves, friendships, hopes, dreams, ambitions, frustrations — from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death — that which we call the experience  —…

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Advanced Meditation

“In advanced meditation, we not only pass through other planes of consciousness or awareness but we become them.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Talk 22 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series. Download all talks in this series (Free MP3 audio)

Explore the mystery schools of the occult with Rama and learn about the mystical power within you.  “The occult body,” according to Rama, “is a field of attention.  It’s an avenue of awareness.  It’s a wind tunnel that connects the different realities.” Rama defines the occult body as the part of us that can use…

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Zen, Taoism & Buddhism

According to Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz, “Buddhism is a very scientific approach to self-discovery.”  The Buddha is depicted as one who looked for tested solutions to counter the suffering and malaise of humanity.  “He decided to use himself as an experiment,” Rama remarks at one point. “He was very much like an Einstein.” Rama…