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Career Success Workshops

RMS hosts a Career Success Workshop Series, in which community members share insights on many topics. The Workshops are broadcast via live teleconference and are recorded. The recordings are archived here for your enjoyment.

“The idea that there’s a past and a future is illusory. Which does not mean that there is not a past and a future. There is a past and a future in this world in relative time. Then, of course, there’s timeless time. That realm of existence that’s not defined in the Superconscious. True awareness. When…

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“Enlightenment is achieved through a great deal of self-effort. You must go through every step of the self-discovery process. You must win the ecstasy; you must win the freedom, through your self-effort.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Self-Effort is talk 7 of 27 in the Tantric Buddhism series. © ℗ 1990, The Frederick P. Lenz…

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Developing Willpower

“In Zen, we study the will.  We learn how to cultivate it and we learn to use it in specific ways — to accumulate will.  It is something that you can accumulate, just like money…”   “Will is assertion and you begin by learning to will small things.  The first thing to will is meditation….

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Last Incarnation

The Last Incarnation is a collection of over 130 stories about timeless experiences with Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz in Southern California.  Written by Rama’s students during 1982 and 1983, the stories describe magical, humorous and unexpected encounters with Rama in a variety of settings ranging from the desert, to movie theaters, to shopping malls…

“The world is constantly imprinting us. It’s imprinting us with ideas, beliefs, vibrational forms, all kinds of things. And the imprinting is so constant and so powerful, that it’s necessary for us to allow Eternity to imprint ourselves in a slightly different way. So when we have one of these moments, the longer we can…