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“Karma, first of all, is engendered by states of mind.  It’s best to think of karma, not so much in terms of physical action, but as waveforms of vibratory energy.  Karma is your own energy — the energy patterns that emanate from your life, from your actions, from your thoughts, feelings, and desires…. If you…

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Natural State

In Buddhism, we call Enlightenment the natural state. But with billions of human beings on Earth thinking and acting, it is difficult for us to even quiet our minds. We are all incarnate Buddhas and we seek our own innocence. Find out how we can become more aware of our true nature and reside in…

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Developing Willpower

“In Zen, we study the will.  We learn how to cultivate it and we learn to use it in specific ways — to accumulate will.  It is something that you can accumulate, just like money…”   “Will is assertion and you begin by learning to will small things.  The first thing to will is meditation….

“There are two practices — concentration and meditation.  For the first year or two, you probably will be almost exclusively practicing concentration.  You will try meditating, but it won’t come until later…  When you concentrate, you’re focusing on something.  When you meditate, you’re letting go and dissolving, you’re seeking to stop all thought.” “It is…

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Zen Tapes Book

In 1986, as Rama – Dr. Frederick P. Lenz prepared for a major public lecture series, he sought to present a path to enlightenment that would be most understandable to the largest group of people. He selected Zen as most relevant to his current and future students and called his teachings “Tantric Zen.” The book…