“Karma, first of all, is engendered by states of mind.  It’s best to think of karma, not so much in terms of physical action, but as waveforms of vibratory energy.  Karma is your own energy — the energy patterns that emanate from your life, from your actions, from your thoughts, feelings, and desires…. If you could see the earth from a vibratory point of view and not be distracted by the physical, you would see something like radio waves, billions of them, cascading constantly in very complex patterns all over the earth.  These waves are emitted from the thoughts, feelings, and actions of each individual life form here.  That’s what karma is.” 

“The karma that is most interesting is the mental karma because ultimately it generates physical action. Just because you do something or create an action of some type, it does not mean that an action of the same type or nature will be returned to you.  That is absolutely not the case.  What karma means is that a mental state will shift.  When you cause something to happen, whether it’s physically, or you simply think a thought or feel an emotion, it causes a shift in your attention field, in your awareness.  Shifts in your awareness ultimately will result in a pattern shift in your life.“   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz 

Karma is talk 7 of 18 in the Zen Tapes series.

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