Personal Power

“Personal power is a feeling — a feeling that everybody wants called satisfaction.  We can see it in someone who has a powerful life, someone who is able to get what they want to get or avoid what they want to avoid.  That’s one level of personal power.  Now naturally, there’s an entirely different level of personal power when we enter into the world of the psychic, the world of the occult, the world of the spiritual.  Here personal power is the ability to enter into different planes of reality.”

“Why do that?  Because knowledge lies in those other dimensions.  Power lies in those other dimensions.  Beauty.  Everything that’s here and more.  It’s part of your world, that’s why.  It’s part of the universe.  It’s part of you.  Everything that is, is part of you.  And as you pass through the other dimensions, you get an education, and you change and you grow.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Personal Power is talk 1 of 18 in the Zen Tapes series.

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