Psychic Development

“Everyone is psychic.  You are psychic.  It is an ability that we all have.  It’s a part of your mind…  Psychic perception does not come through the thinking mind, nor does it come through emotional feelings — it comes from the psychic plane of intuition — another avenue within the mind.  To reach into that avenue, a stillness has to be developed, because the impressions from the psychic plane are clouded over by emotions and thoughts.”  

“It is very, very difficult to hear a radio station that might have wonderful music if there are two larger stations next to it on either side of it on the dial.  The signal can be lost in the disturbance.” 

“So within you, there is a continuous signal — a continuous perception is taking place deep within the mind — but it’s hard to hear that signal because it is blurred over by your own thoughts, your desires, your fears.  It is blurred over by your emotional swings.  And as you live in this world, unless you live a very different type of life, you lose your sensitivity.  You become dull.  Sensitivity can be regained by leading your life differently.”  Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Psychic Development is talk 8 of 18 in the Zen Tapes series.

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