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“Enlightenment is achieved through a great deal of self-effort. You must go through every step of the self-discovery process. You must win the ecstasy; you must win the freedom, through your self-effort.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Self-Effort is talk 7 of 27 in the Tantric Buddhism series. © ℗ 1990, The Frederick P. Lenz…

“There are two practices — concentration and meditation.  For the first year or two, you probably will be almost exclusively practicing concentration.  You will try meditating, but it won’t come until later…  When you concentrate, you’re focusing on something.  When you meditate, you’re letting go and dissolving, you’re seeking to stop all thought.” “It is…

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The late 20th century was a determining time period for planet Earth. Did the people of the Earth choose freedom? Find out how the choices that were made during that time period might reflect in our world today. Possibilities is talk 8 of 27 in the Tantric Buddhism series. © ℗ 1990, The Frederick P….

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It is not necessary to pretend you want to be a black belt when you just like to work out once in a while. Self-acceptance is necessary to make progress on the spiritual path. “If you truly want to attain enlightenment there is no hardship in the practice.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Freedom is…

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“In Nirvana, there’s no winning or losing, but as long as you’re in the relative worlds, there is winning and losing.  Only the completely enlightened are beyond winning and losing, and they had to win to get to that point.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz What is winning in Rama’s view?    Winning in Zen…

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Personal Power

“Personal power is a feeling — a feeling that everybody wants called satisfaction.  We can see it in someone who has a powerful life, someone who is able to get what they want to get or avoid what they want to avoid.  That’s one level of personal power.  Now naturally, there’s an entirely different level…