“Nothing is or is not unless thinking makes it so.  We all know the words. Therefore the only way you can tell what is beyond, what is or is not, is to stop thought.  Seeing is the process of stopping all thought.”    Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz 

“You know, the question comes up all the time.  Why does one person see more than another?  Why can you sit there and see red auras and blue auras and the person next to you won’t, if the auras are in fact there?  Well, the reason is very simple.  The only reason all of you don’t see more than you do is because you’re held back by your description (of the world).   Because in your description, certain things happen and certain things don’t, and your description won’t bend.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz 

Talk 2 of 13 in Insights: Talks on the Nature of Existence.

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