“A person is made up of awarenesses.  These awarenesses all exist in the unknown — now we’re moving into what don Juan calls “the sorcerer’s explanation”.   It’s the explanation of life.  All of the awareness that has ever been or will ever be, exist, he says, like barges floating in the ocean.  It’s a nice analogy.  They’re all just floating out there, the only difference is they’re not solid barges, and as they’re floating in that ocean out there they can actually pass through each other.  So you can have 20 barges and they’re floating along, but they’re so light and so fluid that they can actually go through each other. They are all the time, but they’re not in any fixed order.  There is no order, it just is, and that’s what reality is.  It’s just infinite awareness, infinite consciousness.”    Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Talk 13 of 13 in Insights: Talks on the Nature of Existence.

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