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Intermediate Meditation

“Meditation is concentration in the beginning. It’s a focus. Then, in the intermediate stage, it’s an opening, a deepening of one’s awareness but with a focus towards the planes of light.  In intermediate meditation, you’re touching light more deeply than in introductory meditation. In advanced meditation, you become light. You transcend self, ego, time, space,…

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Tantric Zen

“In Tantric Zen the thought is — “It doesn’t matter, but it does.”   It doesn’t really matter what you do — it is your state of mind that matters … Everything is dependent upon your state of mind.  If you’re in a very tantric state of mind, then your experiences will be quite different…”…

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Rapid Mental Development

“Zen is the study of making the mind still. As your mind becomes still, a power enters into you. This power transforms your mind.  It escalates your evolution and you begin to cycle through many incarnations in one lifetime. You make tremendous quantum leaps and jumps… you are going to take perhaps a hundred lifetimes,…