Unity (Big Island of Hawaii)

“There are two forces at work in the universe — unity and diversity.  Unity is enlightenment. Diversity is illusion or maya, ignorance… So we could say that when you step out of enlightenment — you could say out of grace if you’re religious — we step into the world of diversity. We see things as separate.”

“So then, your journey is to unity, and you need to think more about unity and focus on it.  How do you go about perceiving unity?  Well, when you stop thought, that’s unity. Thought is diversity.  Where else will you find unity?  You’ll find it first and foremost in your heart — in love.  Love is the strongest power in the universe.  Love is unity.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Unity is talk 2 of 7 in the On the Road With Rama series.

This talk was recorded on The Big Island of Hawaii.

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