Electronic Tribe (Nantucket Island)

“There are different networks that work the galaxies, the universes.   I am part of a particular net — Enlightenment.  There are other nets.  A network is a group of beings who travel through time and space and dimensions together.   A network is a tribe, bound together by secrets that exist in other worlds…  The network of enlightenment is the electronic tribe in this world… those of us who are here, who incarnated in this world, join together, and we use the electronic technology to consolidate us and give us strength.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

A Special Note from Rama:  “This message is addressed to those of you who are part of the network, the tribe of awareness. Those of you who seek to find yourselves. You lie in other dimensions. You live there. This is only a small fraction of your being that’s here in this body, in this time and space, on this planet.”

Talk 4 of 7 in On the Road with Rama.

This talk was recorded on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

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