Kundalini Yoga (Haleakala, Maui)

“So my recommendation is — if you seek to practice kundalini yoga — to meditate, of course, and you can meditate on the different chakras and feel what that’s like. But what will really release the kundalini is something much simpler and more effective, in addition to meditation techniques, breathing techniques, and so on. And that is by creating a stillness in your life. This stillness will come about through deep caring and introspection. It will come about slowly and then quickly. It builds in momentum.”   

“The volcano is the symbol of power.  This particular volcano (Haleakala) is dormant at the moment — it’s still.  But within its depths, the lava sits waiting — the power of the Earth — and in a moment, lava will shoot forward, rise up through the lava tubes to the top of the volcano and erupt — like the power within us that’s dormant, the power of the universe that sits there waiting.”

“The path of kundalini yoga is the path of eruption, of sudden spurts of energy…. There is one constant in life, and that is the energy within your being.  How do you tap into it?  How do you reach it?  What will it do to you?  How will it change you?  Is it dangerous?  Can it be controlled?  Or like these great volcanoes, is it something beyond our control which we can only watch with awe when it displays itself?” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz 

Kundalini Yoga is talk 5 of 7 in the On The Road With Rama series.

This talk was recorded at Haleakala on the Island of Maui in Hawaii.

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