Yoga of Selfless Giving

“Why aren’t you happy?  Why aren’t you satisfied with your life?  Deep down inside you know that you’re not really happy or satisfied or free.  You’re entangled in a mass of emotions, you’re bombarded by thoughts and ideas that don’t make you happy, you live in a world gone mad, where people use technology to find faster and more efficient ways to kill each other, wherein every home there’s cruelty and unhappiness, where love is just another four-letter word for the fulfillment of desire, where beauty is laughed at, purity stained, humility ignored.” 

“Why aren’t you happy?  Why aren’t all of you happy when there’s so much to have and so much to be?  The reason is very simple.  At the root of all problems, we find one causal answer — self-giving.  The reason you’re not happy, the reason the world lacks peace, the reason that we cannot find ourselves, is that we lack happiness — the happiness that comes from self-giving.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz 

Talk 4 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series.

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