Death & Reincarnation

“Death is a hidden country. It is a land beyond sight, beyond sound, beyond the conditions, laws, and limitations of this world…  Death is not endless, nor is life.  Life and death are two states of awareness.”  

“Really there is no life and there is no death.  The idea that there is life, the idea that there is death, these are apprehensions that our mind presents to us.  What I mean by that is that the sense of life and death that we have is not necessarily correct.”

“Most people have very fixed ideas about what life and death are. They’re quite sure that they know.  I would suggest that most people know almost nothing about life and death.”    

“The way you come to know, the way out of life and death, is through love.  Love is the bridge that unites life and death — always remember this.”  Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz  

Talk 8 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series

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