Introductory & Intermediate Meditation

“Meditation is not simply a practice.  It is an experience, an awareness, a way of perceiving and also a way of life…”  “Your thoughts are like birds.  Birds come into the sky and we see them.  Then they fly by and they’re gone, but the sky, which is the element through which they travel, remains the same.  The sky was there before the birds came; it was there while they passed through, and while they left.  We want to find ourselves.  We are the sky.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz  

We as human beings are capable of much more than we realize.  We are capable of being consciously eternal. Meditation makes profound leaps in consciousness possible. In this talk, you will find Rama’s recommendations for how to begin a meditation practice.

Talk 1 of 28 in the Lakshmi series.

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