Occult Body, Auras & Chakras

Explore the mystery schools of the occult with Rama and learn about the mystical power within you.  “The occult body,” according to Rama, “is a field of attention.  It’s an avenue of awareness.  It’s a wind tunnel that connects the different realities.” Rama defines the occult body as the part of us that can use hidden power to produce effects.  “An advanced spiritual aspirant is capable of creating many different bodies and can utilize these bodies to help aid others in their liberation.”  

Rama cautions that the occult is not something to treat lightly: “The occult world is not a world for the lightweight.  The occult world is a world of warriors.  It’s a world of power, survival of the fittest.”

After discussing the occult, Rama describes the human aura and its various colors such as gold, green, and light blue: “the colors of the aura are connected with different spectrums, different bands of awareness.”  Rama then defines the chakras as “gateways to other worlds.”  At the end of the talk, prepare for an empowerment that will knock your inter-dimensional socks off!

Talk 20 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series.

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