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Career Success

buildings_career_success_183x372.pngThere are lifetimes when we go off into remote areas to meditate in caves/mountains/woods or enter into a monastery. For those who live and work in the world and pursue a meditative lifestyle, we can learn to use career as part of our spiritual practice.

Since we spend lots of time and energy at work, it becomes important to turn work into a meditative form. Next to meditation itself, there is nothing more important.  In advanced practice, we come back to all the things we set aside in earlier religious/spiritual practice – careers, relationships, etc. – to experience/see/know that God exists in all things.

Career success means to use your daily work, schoolwork, work in the world or work at home, as a way of advancing your mental state.  A Buddhist attitude toward work is to work not just to get paid, but to advance spiritually. When you work with excellence it adds to your consciousness.  Work is a chance to exercise control, restraint, discipline, creative inspiration. If you are mindful in your work, if you put your best effort into it, then something comes back to you.

One of the greatest mistakes that people make who pursue self-discovery is to neglect to develop a strong career.  If you seek to develop the mind fully, for the enlightenment process, you will benefit if your career is related to computer science, law, medicine, the arts or other careers that strengthen the mind.

The mental structures that are used in computer science are very similar to exercises for developing the mind done in Buddhist monasteries.  As an individual learns and practices higher meditation techniques, a tremendous volume of energy and creativity flows through them. If you direct some of that energy towards your career, then naturally you will become successful.

Career success is also a means to make money. Money is a tool. Money equals the ability to be mobile in this word, to travel, to live in a place that is suitable, to not be brought down or drained, to not to be a victim. Pick a profession that will give you enough money to give you economic freedom. Also, money can be used to aide others.

“I know nothing that hurts a person spiritually more than being poor. If you’re always trying to think about how you’re going to pay the bills, if you’re living in a place that has a lower vibration because you can’t afford a better one, if you’re worried about money, it’s a living hell. You may not have experienced this, but if you have, you understand what I’m saying, and you can’t meditate or make good spiritual progress if you’re all wrapped emotionally because of a lack of money.” -- Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

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