Accessing Light

(By Chinjandra) 

I was having a very rough time.  Things were difficult at home, at work, with family and friends.  I could not see what was blocking my way.  Roads I explored seemed to close as I approached them.  What was I to do? 

I kept working and fighting and trying and reaching.  Finally, I became frustrated and I knew I needed to make some kind of change.  What change?  In what direction? Leading to what end?  I tried all the usual suspects – meditating, mindfulness, working on my career, sweeping the island of the tonal, selfless giving, non-attachment, reaching to the infinite, etc.  But I was still feeling trapped.  So, what did I do?

I made a short trip to one of the Canyon of Light locations in the Southwest featured in Rama’s Canyon of Light music and video.  Was I sure it would help?  No. Was it difficult to manifest?  Yes. Were there obstacles?  Certainly.

But I followed Reese’s Pieces left by my enlightened teacher and within a couple of days, I was feeling much better. As I drove around in the middle of nowhere, it occurred to me that Rama left us clear guidance regarding specific locations in the U.S. that will enlighten us.  The Canyons of Light locations are not all canyons in the strict sense of the word, but they are canyons in the sense of narrow, defined locations leading to something.  

What are these canyons leading to?  Light!!!  More than power or beauty or silence or balance.  These locales lead us to light. Upon my return, and after just two days there, I looked years younger. However, inside I felt older – more ancient, timeless, silent.

Nothing in my life had changed, but I have changed and so I am able to tackle the issues in my life from a new vantage point.  The beauty, silence, and light in the Canyon of Light location transformed me. 

How was that possible?  Did our teacher perceive on some deep level that these particular spots could transform and lead us closer to light?  Did our teacher leave some doorways open in these locations that would make it easier for us to transform and access light?

I keep thinking about the scene in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” when Roger and Eddie Valiant are being chased by the weasels.  They are riding in the talking car and are about to crash into a police car heading toward them. The talking car says, ‘Pull the Lever’.  Eddie and Roger say ‘Which Lever?’ and a sign appears pointing to the lever. The sign says “This Lever Stupid!”

I feel that Rama left us the Canyon of Light locations with big arrows pointing to them saying “These Locations”!

Perhaps I will get smarter and plan a trip to one of these locations without needing to have my back against a wall.  To plan a trip just to access light. I am grateful to our teacher, Rama, for directing us to these locations.  I commend the Canyon of Light locations to you as part of his living legacy.