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Announcement: Rama Poster

Saturday, February 6, 2021

(by NextPix) NextPix Productions is pleased to announce the availability of a rare treasure - a new Poster of Rama based on the award-winning film "Signs of a Rebel Buddha".

The film poster can be ordered in standard movie poster size (24 X 36) from the following link: https://www.nextpixprods.com/store/p17/Signs_of_a_Rebel_Buddha_24x36_pos...

As one of our friends said "Paper quality and color is great, and the vibe is pure Rama. It is wonderful to see him poster-size and covered in gold medals."

Order yours today. 

P.S. Profits from the sale of the poster in the month of February will be shared by NextPix with RMS and the American Buddhist Society, in honor of Rama's birthday.