Rama Birthday Celebration 2018

(From Rama sangha celebration organizers) We are pleased to share comments received from participants in the Rama Birthday & Unity Celebration in 2018. For details about the event see recent Summary

What a wonderful incarnation shifting event! You all did the most excellent, impeccable, bright Rama-filled event that has ever been! He was definitely there! And now, for the first time since his passing, I viscerally feel his lineage lit up!  Before this, I knew my connection to him and many others’ connection to him was lit up, and the connections of many sanghas were lit up, but they were like separate points of light. But now, it feels like the whole lineage is lit up!! It feels more different than it ever has.” 

“When Rama was here, he generated all the love that we sat in, that we connected through. After he left, we didn’t pick up the slack of generating that love – until this event!! Now WE’RE the ones generating the love in the room – and outside of it, and hopefully more and more every day, and sharing the light, and supporting each other inwardly.”

 “Thanks so much for a truly magical weekend! Very excited for the future of our sangha.”

“Deepest Gratitude.  United we stand and united we dissolve. Thank you for creating an event so infused with Rama’s Light. Magnificent!!! “

 “Thank you so much for a magical day with Rama and our spiritual family in the desert!!  As I drove home after everyone left the restaurant, the air was crystal clear. Then as I crested a mountain, a thick fog appeared. As I drove through it, the fog turned into rings of white light. After I passed through the rings, my body felt energized for the trip back to San Diego. It was as if all the power of our time in the desert solidified into me. I feel so blessed to reaffirm the connection with all of you, and I am so happy to see Rama’s line so strong in this world. I loved hearing people share their stories and what they’ve learned. And most of all, I loved seeing the generations of our line gathered together!! Let’s keep it going, with more community events. And please, please, please Everyone write down your stories and share them. The experiences we have now and in the past with Rama and with each other are magical and profound, often challenging, but always filled with light. There are many, many more generations to come in our line, and what a gift it would be for them to hear the stories from those who lived them.”

“It was so lovely to celebrate Rama’s birthday and Unity with you and our sangha this weekend. It was so well structured and filled with Rama’s light and love. It was inspiring to see so many students, across generations, coming together with forgiveness and hope. I heard much appreciation and praise from some ST2 sisters that were in attendance, ladies I haven’t seen in many years.” 

“Many of our friends were expressing deep gratitude. They were so high and so happy and so inspired and so thankful. I never saw such deep and genuine gratitude in people’s eyes.”  

What an amazing weekend!!! This event has begun ushering in a new era in our Sangha. All I feel is love for our Sangha and gratitude to Rama.”

“The event was over the top high bright and transformative.  There was so much love and so much Rama.”

“It was a wonderful, creative, happy event, filled with Rama’s energy, so many magical moments, and fun.  I believe it was transformative for everyone who attended, and the wheel of teacher unity has been set in motion.”

“What a wonderful, amazing event!   I am just so grateful!”

“The Rama Birthday Celebration event was so wonderful and beautiful, beyond words really. A big THANK YOU to all who worked so hard to organize and facilitate it. Please also keep me in the loop on communications regarding the next steps and plans that we discussed. I am so looking forward to all the amazing things we will do as a unified sangha. “

“Thanks to everyone involved for all you did to make the event a great one. I hope the momentum continues flowing! “

“It wouldn’t have been such an amazing event without everyone’s efforts and amazing energy.” 

For more information, please contact rama20thanniversary@yahoo.com