The Importance of Flowers

(by Garuda)

Green Tara

Although flowers decorate most spiritual traditions, some seekers of light under-emphasize their importance. This was certainly my mistake until a few years ago. Flowers are helpful because they represent higher planes of consciousness.

Rama taught that this world on a 1-10 scale was around a 4, meaning slightly below average. Yet the flowers growing here echo higher worlds and their vivid colors suggest higher forms of energy.

In Buddhism and Vedanta, magical flowers are strewn everywhere in the heavenly worlds. The bright rainbow colors of flowers artistically depict these higher worlds. The ancient art of these traditions conveyed the splendid beauty of the various higher planes as described by people who could see them in meditation. Flowers also represent the colorful and beautiful human aura itself, the rainbow body, which most people can’t see.

Flowers were always thrown towards the Buddha by gods, followers, and other teachers. The Buddha once magically transformed a huge pile of flowers offered to him into a symmetric tower of flowers. Later the Buddha recalled one of his distant past lives where he flung three flowers at his teacher Dipankara, who then predicted his future enlightenment.

If you want to elevate your environment then flowers will radiate happiness and gentleness. Use flowers to accelerate your meditation process. Surround yourself with flowers and ride their ecstasy to higher awareness and sensitivity. They will reflect energy that reminds you of higher worlds.

Flowers should also be used as offerings. Consider leaving flowers at a power spot you visit, if you feel the higher powers of the place enjoy flowers. Do you have an enlightened spiritual teacher like Rama, Ramakrishna, Christ, or the Buddha? If so, then adorn their image with flowers. Flowers dedicated to higher beings become an auric doorway we can walkthrough.

Rama once said, “I love flowers because they are beautiful and they die.” He knew that all things are transitory; although flowers are not the perfect formless eternal light, they are something created that symbolizes higher beauty. Rama’s students once gave him a whole auditorium stage full of flowers! We surprised Rama. He looked ecstatic and at home among the hundreds of bundles of flowers. He seemed so comfortable in the higher planes of love that they reflected.

Start bringing flowers into your life and you will be pleasantly surprised. If you already use flowers to elevate your surroundings, double down and buy more flowers, or pick more beautiful ones. Practice living in the higher worlds. Rama advised not to simply reincarnate on Earth again but to shoot for the higher worlds where it is easier to attain enlightenment. Flowers are a vehicle that will point us in the right direction.