Poem: Light

(by Carol O) Stillness
In the stroke of a paintbrush
In the soothing sway of a weeping willow branch
The way the full moonlight kisses dark bay waters

Eyes closed, mind clear
Focusing on the nothingness, merging with it
The body is present, yet it is not
The being soars simultaneously through endless, timeless realms of light
The body is present, yet it is not

Is what unites us across all of these endless, timeless realms of light
Before birth, during birth, after birth – no birth – no death – no body
We go back into the flux from where we once came
Where is that?
Who are you?
It is nowhere and you are no one

There is no thought, no pain, no fear – there is nothing
But ecstatic, rhapsodic energy, love, and light
The body bathes in it, healing waters from the inner planes
Caressing you like a lover, enveloping you with gentle tenderness
You are home – you never left
Light loves you, light loves all, light loves