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Rama Materials Distribution

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


(by RMS) In our last fiscal year (July 2015 to June 2016), RMS is pleased to report that we distributed the following Rama materials:

Type Name # Distributed 2015/2016
Book Enlightenment Cycle 38
Book How to Meditate 15
Book Insights: Reflections 58
Book Insights: Talks 14
Book Lakshmi Series 32
Book On the Road 5
Book Snowboarding to Nirvana 35
Book Surfing the Himalayas 1,215
Book Tantric Buddhism 21
Book Zen Tapes 8
  Book Subtotal 1,441
DVD Cayman/Canyons 62
DVD Tantric Buddhism 42
  DVD Subtotal 104
Music CD Ecstasy 30
Music CD Mystery School 20
Music CD Samadhi 85
Music CD Samurai 152
Music CD Surfing the Himalayas 0
Music CD Tantra 10
  Music Subtotal 297
Talk Set Enlightenment Cycle 60
Talk Set Insights Nature Existence 29
Talk Set Lakshmi Series (MP3) 27
Talk Set On the Road 25
Talk Set Tantric Buddhism 24
Talk Set Zen Tapes 54
  Talk Set Subtotal 219

Thank you for your continued support of our mission to preserve and share Rama's teachings and support those inspired by these teachings.