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Update: RMMC Finances & Ideas

Monday, March 21, 2016
(by Lenz Foundation & RMS) The Rama Materials Marketing Campaign (RMMC) was designed to promote Rama materials and teachings to a broad audience.
RMMC donations were made to the Lenz Foundation and matched by the Foundation dollar for dollar.  The campaign was promoted by RMS and from time to time, updates regarding RMMC activities are provided in the RMS newsletter.  There is a small Rama student advisory board of donors to the campaign which generates ideas and recommends funding for marketing activities. 
The following is an update regarding RMMC expenses to date:

RMMC Expenses as of March 2016

Website Development $71,700
Online Ads $29,980
Events (Hackathons, snowboard gatherings, Meditation Summer, etc.) including free Surfing books $23,558
Website Design $14,000
Marketing $10,056
Graphic Design (Ads, events, social media, sites, etc.) $2,774
TuneCore to Enable Downloads $910
Total Expenses $152,977
Total RMMC $s (including recent donations) $208,500
Amount RMMC $s Remaining $55,523
We are excited about our activities to date.  We have a special passion for events - Meditation Summer, Yale Hackathon, Snowboarding gatherings, etc. - which allow personal contact with a variety of seekers.  We are also pleased to reach quite a few individuals through our ads and are always designing new ones to reach new audiences.
As you can see, we have over $50,000 remaining from the campaign to continue to reach out to those seeking light.  Any ideas on other events, ad locations, marketing approaches, etc. would be most welcome.  Please email ideas to info@ramameditationsociety.org and info@fredericklenzfoundation.org
Even though there is no matching available, anyone interested in donating to these wonderful marketing efforts, please see http://fredericklenzfoundation.org/donations-0 (and specify donation to Rama Materials' Marketing Campaign). 
Thank you.