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Voices of the Sangha

Saturday, August 12, 2017
(By RMS) Is it time to add your voice and inspiration to the collection of works from the Rama sangha?
Beginning in 2011, RMS hosted and recorded talks by Rama students about American Buddhism and about Career Success.  Those talks can be found on our website at: Career Success Discussions Audio and American Buddhism Discussions Audio
We are now inspired to reach out to you to seek more such talks. 
As a unique individual student of a fully enlightened teacher, we each carry special pieces of knowledge and experience that we can share with others.  What would you like to share?  
We are entrepreneurs, martial artists, musicians, meditation teachers, artists, computer scientists, IT professionals, business people, and so much more.  We have traveled, taught, struggled, learned, grown, experimented, changed, loved, explored, discovered and so much more.
Rama taught that we can each share what we have learned with others - speaking from our own experience and sharing that as well as the lessons we learned. By doing so others can feel the doorways that we went through, the states of mind we experienced, the levels of attention we accessed and can learn from our experiences.
We will be hosting a series of individual talks, facilitated discussions, panels, etc. that will be recorded and then posted for others to enjoy. Please email us at rsvp@ramameditationsociety.org if you would like to participate.