Walking Out My Front Door

(by Chinjandra) 

According to Lao-Tzu, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

As spiritual seekers who live and work in the world, we understand intellectually the benefits of a non-monastic lifestyle.  We understand that we can use the abrasiveness of the world to encourage us to reach more deeply and advance more quickly along the path of self-discovery.  We understand that we have an opportunity to serve those we interact with.  We understand, from the mystic perspective, that as warriors of light, there are many battles to fight and win.   

And yet, interacting with the world and its people can be difficult for a sensitive person.

At times there is joy. At times there is laughter and playfulness. At times there are battles well fought. At times we bring our work to perfection.  

We build up the protective energy in our homes through meditation, cleanliness, organization, sweeping the island of the tonal, etc. to enable us to face the world from a position of strength.  

Rama taught us to face the world as a warrior. 

So, each morning, I offer myself to the Infinite, I muster my courage and walk out my front door.  I reflect that as a spiritual seeker, this is a moment of true bravery each and every day.  

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