Mysticism is the way of the warrior, a way of action and adventure. From the point of view of mysticism, at every moment you are either getting stronger or growing weaker. At every moment your attention field is increasing or decreasing. In the study of mysticism, everything in your life is eventually set up as a pragmatic flow of energy into the light.

A good source of information regarding mysticism and power are the following books of Carlos Castaneda: Journey to Ixtlan, Tales of Power, Second Ring of Power.

Mysticism is the experience of eternity, of that which lies beyond the physical phenomenal universe. Mysticism is the most difficult path to discuss because it involves the exploration of dreaming and perceptual states which are difficult to describe in words.


In mysticism, we want to see the universe in its absolute, pure, naked perfection. We want to know its wonder. We want to know the totality of ourselves.

There’s a resonance inside us, a sense of who we are. We’re a multi-bodied traveler. We’re an essence. We’re a feeling, an awareness that has an ancient existence.

All physical and nonphysical things have another side, a side that is not visible to the senses or accessible to the reasoning mind, a side that can only be known and experienced by emptying one’s mind of thoughts. 

Very few individuals have the tenacity and the love to propel them beyond everything they know and can trust to face the unknown, let alone be absorbed in it.

To have the detached eye of the mystic, the occultist, to look outward, to not be so self-reflective but to learn to step through the various viewpoints of consciousness that leads to freedom — that we call mysticism or occultism.Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

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