Ijaya (San Francisco)

Offerings for Spiritual Warriors

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Email: edcheely@gmail.com

About: Ijaya has applied the spiritual teachings of self-awareness, selflessness, and the development of personal power to build a unique and successful sales career inspired by the teachings of Rama and teachers in his lineage.

After building the first sales team for Yext (NYSE: YEXT), Ijaya went on to build the sales organization for ShareFile in Raleigh, North Carolina. Starting with one rep and roughly $4 million in revenue, he built a team that drove 400% YoY growth and led to the acquisition of ShareFile by Citrix, eventually growing that to a sales team of over 300 people and a business unit generating well over $100 million annually. He most recently served as the Present of AppBuddy, responsible for sales and marketing, where the company’s strong growth and great products led to the successful acquisition of the company by Validity in 2019. Ijaya teaches classes on sales, entrepreneurship, and leadership for anyone interested in using those pursuits as a path for transformation.


  • President, AppBuddy – the leading Business Process Interaction Platform for Salesforce.com (successfully acquired by Validity in 2019)
  • Vice-Chair and Investor, Three Ships – high growth digital marketing agency serving mid-market customersInvestor
  • 15five – the weekly company communication app dedicated to improving employee happiness around the globe
  • Investor, Yip Yip Media – a digital platform for service professionals seeking to provide personalized industry content for their clients
  • Advisor, Salesloft – the leading Sales Development platform for building pipeline using outbound sales and personalized outreach

Classes and Offerings: 

  • Sales & Entrepreneurship for Spiritual Warriors: Ijaya has provided structured study and teaching sessions for those interested in building a company and growing sales within the context of a spiritual path, typically over a 4 to 6 month period.
  • Leadership Coaching: Having both succeeded and failed spectacularly over the course of his career, Ijaya often works with entrepreneurs and leaders who are seeking to combine both external and monetary success with mindfulness and spiritual transformation.
  • Sales Coaching: Ijaya offers both 1:1 and team coaching for salespeople who are seeking to take their selling skills to the next level.
  • Sales Consulting: Ijaya provides consulting services for organizations that are looking to improve sales or overall operations to achieve revenue growth and organizational efficiency.
  • Guest teaching: Coaching on leadership and sales

Books, Music, and Media: Sales & Entrepreneurship for Spiritual Warriors – Webinar Series that reviews the top books any salesperson or entrepreneur seeking to grow revenue should know. Provides real-world lessons learned and teachings on how to apply spiritual principles within your business or organization.