Rama Birthday 2016 – Tiburon

Tiburon, CA

(by Isis)  As soon as we drove over the bridge into the small town of Tiburon, the energy shifted. It felt as if a filter screened out all of the heaviness and grunge of the City, leaving only beauty and brightness. The woman at the front desk at The Lodge greeted us with a smile and gave us directions to the nearby restaurant where the Rama Birthday party would be held the next night.

A chill in the air made us walk quickly to the party at Guaymas, but once inside heat lamps kept us toasty warm. It’s always nice to see friends from the Rama lineage, and tonight was no exception.

The evening began with dinner and karaoke, something I’d always been curious about but had never tried. At first, I declined the offer to participate, but after watching how much fun people were having, I looked through the book of songs. A few excellent singers blew us away with their voices. A few others sang very badly, but their huge grins made it seem like something I had to try.

I finally found a sweet song I love to sing along with when it comes on the radio, so I made my way to the front of the room. The screen showed the words but not the melody, and I quickly forgot how the song went. I kept going and read rather than sang the words, most of the time coming in either too early or too late with the music.

My poor performance didn’t matter to this crowd. At the end, everyone cheered and I had a good laugh at myself. This was the very best place and with the very best people to experience karaoke for the first time! 

For dessert, cakes decorated with beautiful flowers were lit while we all sang “Happy Birthday” to Rama.  Delicious is the only word I can use for the food, especially the chocolate cake.

Time flew by, and there were not enough minutes to talk with everyone I wanted to see. I had just finished my cake when it was time to gather in front of Bodhi and Alan to meditate on their live music.

We were swept away by a cascade of ear candy, pulling us into pure realms. I meditated with open eyes watching Bodhi’s hands dissolve as he played guitar. For a timeless time, Rama’s golden light emanated from each one of us present. 

There is nothing quite like meditation with our Tribe when we all come together in celebration. The stillness, the ease, the pure ecstasy were all within reach.

The evening ended with a closing circle, a tradition at RMS events I have come to enjoy. Standing together as equals, as brothers and sisters on the Path, opens my heart and I feel the full power of our Lineage. 

Thank You to all of the volunteers who made the 2016 Rama Birthday event a huge success. And Thank You to those who keep the Rama Meditation Society running, making Rama’s teachings available to all who seek Truth.

Isis is the author of two books and she teaches at Dharma Center (www.dharmacenter.com) in San Diego, CA. To read more by Isis, visit her website: www.jennasundell.com or find her on Facebook and Twitter.