Music: On the Wings of a Butterfly

(by Kathy Marshall) I have been a student of Rama’s for many years and lifetimes. I am also a teacher of his teachings, but in a different way. I am a musician; singer/songwriter and his teachings are incorporated into many of my songs. From my studies with Rama, I learned to weave love and light through words, melody and sound. Rama continues to touch my life in miraculous ways, especially through music!

My third CD was just released titled, ‘On the Wings of a Butterfly’. During the 18 month recording process, I brought Rama with me to the studio — I brought my Blisses and my signed copy by Rama of The Last Incarnation. So this recorded music offering is infused with a resolute Spirit that Rama instilled in me.

One such song in particular is ‘Cherish Me’. I wrote that in San Francisco in the summer of 1982 before I met Rama. I know that song was his call to me! The recording of it resonates the enlightenment he brought to this world, with beautiful instrumentation of cello, violin, keyboards and electric guitar.

There are three other songs that profoundly share his wisdom: ‘God is Not a Man’ is a gospel tune about how Christianity has defined women and men and how everything is backwards. ‘Bardo Blues’ is a bluesy dirge inspired by reading a talk by Rama suggesting that Death has no zip code. I went back and re-read the Book of the Dead for that song. And last but not least… ‘Break the Spell’ was inspired when reading Liz Lewinsons’ book, Women, Meditation and Power while on a trip to Zion Nat’l Park with my life partner. “Break the Spell,” continues to be our mantra. A lot of wisdom about Women and Enlightenment is infused in this song!

One listener said this about the record: “On the Wings of a Butterfly” defies categories. At once deeply personal and universal, the songs take us on a journey around the wheel of life and into new spiritual and mystical territory. Kathy’s soulful voice and eclectic songwriting, supported by innovative arrangements and harmonies, make this an uplifting project offering wisdom and hope for our troubled times.