Kathy Marshall – Singer / Songwriter

Location: Oregon

Website: http://kathymarshallmusic.com

About: Kathy Marshall grew up on the west side of Chicago singing the Blues, Gospel, and Motown. Her songs are eclectic with some ballads, some blues, and some really esoteric tunes that just “kind of came out of the cosmos”.

Her songs sing of connection with life and death, the earth, the source, her teachers (including Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz), her four-legged friends, and unique views on life and love. She will inspire you to search your soul and reconnect with the earth. With voice, guitar, and gentle smile, Kathy will draw you in, hold you and rock you in her melodious embrace!”

Kathy met Rama in 1982 and studied with him for 8 years. During that time many songs were inspired by Rama and have been recorded on her albums. Rama sent Kathy out into the world and told her to live with a Resolute Spirit. Such a gift to have met him this lifetime again. 

Kathy is also an artist and specializes in Doggie Mandalas. 

Kathy lives in Sisters, Oregon, located in the Cascades with powerful mountains and tall Ponderosa Pines. Her albums can be found on her website and she can be contacted through its contact us page.