Books Recommended by Rama

Rama recommended books in a variety of categories for his students. Reading books with a high consciousness can help the spiritual aspirant focus on the worlds of clarity and light. Rama’s first recommended list contained the 12 highest books he believed were available at the time. Rama’s next list explored novels and spiritual adventures and his final formal list (28 books) was recommended for students who wanted to teach meditation. Rama recommended other books from time to time.

The RMS Book Club has been reviewing these recommended books since 2010. In addition, Rama and his students wrote several books that the Club has explored. Finally, from time to time one of Rama’s students will recommend an additional selection for the Club to enjoy.

We hope this list provides you with some great ideas for high books to transform your consciousness.

Books (alpha order)AuthorBook Club Date
American Buddhist Rebel (formerly Blue Skies Buddha; Rama: Gaze in my Direction)Lewinson3/26/2016
Art of DreamingCastaneda8/27/2022
Art of LovingFromm8/25/2018
Art of RamaPritchard1/30/2016
Art of WarTzu2010
Autobiography of a YogiYogananda3/31/2012
Bhagavad Gita: Song of GodPrabhavananda / Isherwood11/19/2011; 10/25/2014
Book of Five RingsMusashi5/30/2015
Brothers KaramazovDostoevsky6/2019
Buddha’s LionsDharma Publishing5/7/2011
Buddhism for SheepRiddell9/2019
Buddhist BibleBeacon12/28/2013; 1/15/2014; 2/22/2014
Buddhist HandbookSnelling1/27/2018
Buddhist Mahayana TextsCowell11/26/2022
Buddhist ScripturesConze2/23/2013
Buddhist Texts Through the AgesConze2/2019
Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary CompaniesCollins / Porras5/28/2022
Calvin and Hobbes – all versionsWatterson6/24/17 (Scientific Progress)
Catch 22Heller3/2019
Collected Poems of Theodore RoethkeRoethke9/2015
Crest Jewel of Discrimination by ShankaraPrabhavananda / Isherwood12/17/2011
Doors of PerceptionHuxley, AldousOct 2023
Dhammapada, The Sayings of the BuddhaShambala10/29/2016
Drinking the Mountain Stream: Songs of Tibet’s Beloved Saint, MilarepaMilarepa, JetsunMar 2023
Eternal Companion: Brahmananda His Life & TeachingsPrabhavananda3/26/2022
Evolution of Matter & Spirit in the Poetry of Theodore RoethkeRama – Dr. Frederick Lenz7/2019
Federalist PapersKesler, Charles R.May 2023
Fellowship of the Ring (Lord of the Rings Part 1)Tolkien10/28/2017
Four QuartetsEliot10/2019
Fundamentals of Mainstream BuddhismCheetham3/30/2013
Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna“M”2010
Graceful Exits How Great Beings DieBlackman1/29/2022
Great Path of AwakeningKongtrul2010
Hidden Teachings of TibetTalbot3/2020
Highest Yoga TantraCozort9/29/2012
Holy Teachings of Vimalakirti: A Mahayana ScriptureThurman8/26/2017
Homo Deus: A Brief History of TomorrowHarar12/25/2021
How to Get Control of Your Time and Your LifeLakein7/27/2013
How to Get out of Debt, Stay out of Debt and Live ProsperouslyMundis11/2020
How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of PatanjaliPrabhavananda / Isherwood02/18/2012; 8/30/2014
How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleCarnegie10/22/2011; 4/29/2017; 2/2020
I ChingWilhelm / Baynes2010; 5/31/2014
Insights – Tantric Buddhist Reflections on LifeRama – Dr. Frederick Lenz1/1/2020
Jonathan Livingston SeagullBach5/28/2016
Journey in LadakhHarvey10/27/2012
Journey to IxtlanCastaneda3/31/2012
Kabir: Ecstatic PoemsBly6/30/2012
Kin of Ata Are Waiting for YouBryant7/31/2021
Kingdom of Shivas IronsMurphy3/27/2021
The Knowledge-Creating Company: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation
Ikujiro Nonaka & Hirotaka Takeuchi
Feb 2023
Lady of the Lotus Born, The Life & Enlightenment of Yeshe TsogyalChangchub / Nyingpo1/21/2017
Large Sutra of Perfect WisdomConze9/28/2013; 10/26/2013
Last IncarnationRama students2/27/2016
Last Temptation of ChristKazantzakis12/31/2016
Lectures on the I Ching: Constancy and ChangeWilhelm, RichardJul 2023
Legend of the Great SutraDharma Publishing1/2019
Life and Teachings of NaropaGuenter7/30/2016
Life of MarpaShambala8/27/2016
Lifetimes: True Accounts of ReincarnationRama – Dr. Frederick Lenz7/30/2022
Little Princede Saint-Exupery9/17/2011
Making Peace with Money (1999)Mundis5/29/2021
Masks of GodCampbell4/25/2015
Masters of Enchantment: The Lives and Legends of the MahasidhasDowman2/29/2014; 3/29/2014; 12/2020
Masters of Meditation and Miracles: Lives of the Great Buddhist Masters of India and TibetThondup, Tulku RinpocheAug 2023
Meditation: Bridge is Flowing but the River is NotRama – Dr. Frederick Lenz7/28/2018
Middle Length Discourses of the BuddhaNanamoli4/27/2013; 5/25/2013; 6/29/2013
Moby DickMelville2/26/2022
Monk who Sold his FerrariSharma8/2020
Mystic Verses of a Mad Dalai LamaMullin8/25/2012
Mythical Man-MonthBrooks11/2019
Oh, the Places You’ll Go!Dr. SuessTo Do in 2024
On the RoadKerouac5/2020
Once and Future KingWhite4/28/2018
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestKesey8/28/2021
One Minute Manager (NEW)Blanchard / Johnson11/25/2017
One Robe, One BowlRyokan6/25/2016
Power of SilenceCastaneda08/24/2013; 4/2019
Rama: American BuddhaRama students4/30/2016; 11/27/21
Return of the King (Lord of the Rings Part 3)Tolkien12/29/2018
Samurai Selling: The Ancient Art of Service in SalesLaughlin / Sage10/30/2021
Second Ring of PowerCastaneda1/30/2021
Self RelianceEmerson3/31/2018
Snow Lion’s Turquoise ManeSurya Das2/25/2017
Snowboarding to NirvanaRama – Dr. Frederick Lenz2010; 9/27/2014; 10/2020; 6/26/21
Sorcerer’s CrossingAbelar3/25/2017
Spiritual Teachings of Ramana MaharshiMaharshi4/30/2022
Stranger in a Strange LandHeinlein6/27/2015
Supreme Yoga; Yoga VasisthaVenkatesananda1/31/2015; 2/28/2015; 2/24/2018
Surfing the HimalayasRama – Dr. Frederick Lenz2010; 7/26/2014; 7/2020; 12/31/2-22
Tales of PowerCastaneda9/24/2016
Tantric Mysticism of TibetBlofeld9/2020
Teachings of Don JuanCastaneda7/2015
Teachings of Sri RamakrishnaRamakrishna, SriSep 2023
Thief of AlwaysBarker3/28/2015
Thriving on ChaosPeters10/2015
Tibet’s Great Yogi MilarepaEvans-Wentz12/15/2012
Tibetan Book of Great LiberationEvans-Wentz4/25/2014
Tibetan Book of Living and DyingRinpoche9/24/2022
Tibetan Book of the DeadEvans-Wentz8/13/2011
Tibetan Yoga and Secret DoctrineEvans-Wentz1/27/2013
Total RelaxationRama – Dr. Frederick Lenz4/2020
Transforming the OrganizationGouillant / Kelly11/30/2013
Two Towers (Lord of the Rings Part 2)Tolkein11/24/2018
UlyssesJoyce11/29/2014; 12/27/2014
Understanding MediaMcLuhan8/2015
UpanishadsPrabhavananda / Manchester5/27/2017
Walden and Civil DisobedienceThoreau9/29/2018
Way of Life by Lao-TzuBrynner06/28/2014; 11/26/2016
What Religion Is: In the Words of Swami VivekanandaVivekananda, SwamiNov 2023
Wheel of DharmaRama – Dr. Frederick Lenz8/2019
Wheel of TIme: The Shamans Of Mexico – Their Thoughts About Life, Death And The UniverseCastaneda5/26/2018
Zen Flesh, Zen Bones: A Collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings
Paul Reps (Compiler)
Jan 2023
Zen Teachings of BodhidharmaPine, RedDec 2023
Zen Mind, Beginner’s MindSuzuki7/29/2017
Books Reviewed to Date by RMS Book Club