On the Road with Rama

The On the Road with Rama transcripts capture the words of a wonderful tape set recorded in 1985 at different power places in the United States. Rama -Dr. Frederick P. Lenz specifically chose each location because the place emanated the essence of the topic he wished to discuss.

There are seven chapters in the book:

Neutral Density The Continental Divide, Colorado • Unity The Big Island of Hawaii • Magic Lake Tahoe, Nevada • Electronic Tribe Nantucket, Massachusetts • Kundalini Yoga Haleakala, Maui • Power The Continental Divide, Colorado • Transcendentalism Walden Pond, Massachusetts

“Remember that outside of time, outside of space, outside of duality … there is something. And that something is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful beyond understanding.  It’s endless light. It’s awareness.

The universe is actually alive. It’s intelligence — an intelligence that so far surpasses anything that has yet been seen or dreamed or imagined, and you enter into that intelligence. You are it. You’re a reflection of it.

To see it all, to be it, to be that totality, that’s what attracts a few of us to perpetually go forward into it.”  Rama

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