How To Be A Successful Student

“Most people enjoy the feeling of complacency.  They’ve learned to like the feeling of sitting down in front of the television set, of lying on the beach in the sunshine, of driving around in their car without anything to do, of talking endlessly for hours with others about trivial subjects — in other words, no demand.”  

“A successful student decides that they enjoy the world of demand — the world of willpower, the world of work — more than the world of trivial pursuit.  If you’re out there playing Trivial Pursuit, it means that you’ve got nothing going on in your life. And Trivial Pursuit is more than a board game:  it’s the way that most people live. Their lives are trivial pursuits.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

How To Be A Successful Student is talk 17 of 18 in the Zen Tapes series.

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