Tantric Buddhism

Tantric Buddhism is a collection of practices that work by doing them. Tantric Buddhism is for the person who wants to get to the mystical experience now, directly.  It’s the “cut to the chase” school.

Sitting Meditation

The emphasis in Tantra is on meditation. The experience of meditation in a formal practice (zazen) where you’re sitting down, meditating, and concentrating. In Tantric Buddhism, we also use mindfulness – to turn the activities and experiences in our daily life into meditation.

Tantric Buddhism is best practiced by persons who live in society. In Tantric Buddhism, we believe that Samsara is Nirvana. Tantra is the perception of the oneness and the perfection of all things. To be neither attracted nor repulsed is the message of Tantric Buddhism. Don’t be drawn to something, don’t run away from it. In Tantra, we have complete faith in the winds of eternity. In Tantra, we don’t try to guide our life in a specific way.  Since everything is God and everything contains God, we see God in everything and we learn to use everything as a step towards liberation.


The Tantras are ancient sacred books of India and Tibet. The Dalai Lama and other notable Buddhist teachers have indicated that since the world has plunged into a dark age, the information available in the Tantras, which includes very powerful kundalini release techniques, should be made available to the public.

People who are capable of practicing Tantric Buddhism are individuals who have meditated for many lifetimes and developed strong and powerful states of attention.

Tantra is only recommended for someone who has very developed willpower, a terrific sense of humor, and a sense that nothing else matters but God and Enlightenment. In Tantra, we don’t believe in commandments.  We believe in the moment and the truth that is applicable for that moment, as best we can sort it out with our heart, our intuition, our knowledge, our common sense.

Buddhist Master Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Rama created a set of 27 talks on Tantric Buddhism available for free download from this site.

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