American Buddhist Rebel

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(Amazon) American Buddhist Rebel: The Story of Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Winner of the 2016 Eric Hoffer Award, this acclaimed biography of the brilliant, controversial Buddhist teacher Rama – Dr….
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Solstice Magic

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(by G.) A very big thank you to event organizers of the Summer Solstice Magical Concert and Costume Celebration at the Audobon Society in Greenwich, CT, Thank you for a…
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Meditation Summer 2017

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(by RMS) Meditation Summer will begin its third year on Governors Island with an impressive program of events and speakers. This year’s summer festival will include an exhibit on Meditation & the…
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RMS Events to Date

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(by RMS)  A friend requested that we recount RMS events to date. Here goes:   2012 Rama Birthday San Francisco (Fairmont; Gong Show) 2012 Canyon of Light Trip – Joshua Tree …
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