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Liberation and Self-Realization


Liberation and Self-Realization is a journey into understanding what enlightenment is like.  If you are curious how a self-realized, enlightened being sees the play of life, this lecture goes deep into the radical differences between enlightened mind and ordinary mind.  Concepts like time and space are redefined:  “Time is not a movement in space. Space is a movement in time.“  For Rama, all the images in our lives are snapshots, stills in a movie, and always exist.  We just move through these perfectly still images, and create the sense of motion like a cartoon.

Don't worry about the advanced concepts presented here.  As the lecture reaches its climax, Rama suggests the way beyond concepts like time and space is simply to love.  “Love is self-realization. Love is liberation“, Rama tells us.  “The only way beyond time, the only way to unravel the knot of existence, is to love.”  This entertaining and fascinating finish will balance your heart and mind, and inspire you on your journey to spiritual liberation.

Talk 27 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series.