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Power (The Continental Divide)


"Mysticism is the study of energy, the study of power. Power itself is simply a word to try to describe attention, awareness.   Power is the ability to translate, that is, to shift from one level of attention to another."   Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

"In mysticism, the first course of action is to do away with imprinting -- our own conditioning and the conditioning of others.  Then we need to be re-imprinted but in a different way; we need the imprinting of enlightenment, of freedom, and that comes through our association with a higher being.  So classically what occurs is one meets a teacher.  And that being will teach you how to overcome your old imprinting by changing your way of life and by teaching you the ways of power -- how to store it, collect it, amplify it, how to stop losing it.  By bringing enough power into your life, you will gradually erase or actually overcome your imprinting."   Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

Power is talk 6 of 7 in the On the Road With Rama series.

This talk was recorded at the Continental Divide in Colorado.