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PD 6 – Seeing

Seeing (PD6) What is seeing? Well, seeing is a direct, immediate knowledge of something. It does not imply any kind of judgment or moral system or philosophical outlook or religious viewpoint. Seeing is seeing. Download all talks in this series (Free MP3 audio)

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Developing Willpower

“In Zen, we study the will.  We learn how to cultivate it and we learn to use it in specific ways — to accumulate will.  It is something that you can accumulate, just like money…”   “Will is assertion and you begin by learning to will small things.  The first thing to will is meditation….

“So my recommendation is — if you seek to practice kundalini yoga — to meditate, of course, and you can meditate on the different chakras and feel what that’s like. But what will really release the kundalini is something much simpler and more effective, in addition to meditation techniques, breathing techniques, and so on. And…

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PD 5 – Places of Power

Places of Power (PD5) What makes a place of power a place of power? No one really knows, it just is. Yet places of power attract powerful beings who live there, visit there, meditate there, gaze, jump into other worlds from that spot, and that increases the velocity of the place of power. Download all…

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Tantric Zen

“In Tantric Zen the thought is — “It doesn’t matter, but it does.”   It doesn’t really matter what you do — it is your state of mind that matters … Everything is dependent upon your state of mind.  If you’re in a very tantric state of mind, then your experiences will be quite different…”…