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On The Road With Rama

Talk Sets

The On the Road with Rama talks were recorded in 1985 at different power places in the United States. Rama - Dr. Frederick P. Lenz specifically chose these places because the location emanated the essence of the topic he wished to discuss.

Are these talks bound in time? Can you travel with Dr. Lenz even today? Here's what he says in Neutral Density, recorded at the Continental Divide: "For me to be here in this moment is to be aware of you, to sense you, to feel who, in what you would call the future, will be listening to my voice -- to feel each one of you because the future already exists. It's just a ring of awareness. And I step into that ring for a moment so that I can be with you now. Not with a sense of knowing that Joe or Suzie is listening, but feeling your being -- because what's in a name anyway?"

Learn more about the talks in this series and listen online.