Tantric Buddhism

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Six Worlds

There is more than just this world and heaven and hell. In Buddhist cosmology, we realize there are many worlds and that these worlds really exist inside our own mind. Everything exists within our own minds. How we navigate through these worlds and what the path is that leads beyond all worlds is what the…

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Awareness of Meditation

“Meditation is the science of stopping thought.  When there is no thought, there is only pure mind – which is ecstasy.  Meditation is perfect, qualityless, clear light perceiving itself as such.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Awaremess of Meditation is talk 13 of 27 in the Tantric Buddhism series. © ℗ 1990, The Frederick P. Lenz…

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A Clean Room

Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz says it’s important to not accumulate clutter. He talks about periodically going through closets, etc., and throwing away everything you are not using. Why keep it? “Life is a room that we live in, ” Rama says, “As Buddhists, our only task is to keep our room clean.” Rama goes…